Fighting 4 You Jefferson County

We are dedicated to promoting the common good for the residents of Jefferson County and conducting research and publicizing the positions of elected officials concerning issues related to economic prosperity in Jefferson County. 

The Mission

Jefferson County Prosperity supports equal opportunity for all residents of Jefferson County. We believe that economic opportunity is the basis for every resident’s ability to earn more than a living wage, to raise a family and to create the stepping stones for prosperity. We believe in supporting policies that are to the benefit of the collective community.  We strive to support lawful business of all sizes in our county. We seek to simplify the tax code and regulatory environment at both the local and state level in order to foster an environment friendly to entrepreneurs and established businesses equally and those who will benefit from the jobs created by these economic engines. These goals can be achieved through collaboration among all interests in our community – from the arts community to the ag community; the tourism industry to manufacturing and beyond. 


Who We Are

The Pro-Prosperity Team

Jefferson County Prosperity, Inc. ("JCP" or "We") is a group of volunteers from right here in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Our Board of Directors and Officers include:

  • Farmers
  • Executives
  • Construction workers
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • IT Consultants
  • Stay at home mom
  • Scientist
  • Retired Lt. Colonel USAF
  • Government contractors
  • Former Jefferson County Commissioner
  • Shepherdstown Town Councilman
  • Former congressional staffer
  • Church leaders
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors

Put simply, we are local citizens who have vested interests in this community.  Most trace their West Virginia roots back generations. 

All of our Directors and Officers share one trait:  they desire a more prosperous future for Jefferson County. 

The Anti-Prosperity Opposition

There is an organized group who is against prosperity in Jefferson County.  We are here to educate the community about the dangers of their policies.  The anti-prosperity coalition have recently proposed:

  • Actions to cause higher utility rates
  • Higher impact fees
  • A one time $5,000 impact fee on all county households
  • Increased taxes
  • A ban on new water towers
  • Fighting new home construction projects
  • Banning the building of a new medical facility in Shepherdstown
  • Fighting the rehabilitation of the Old Route 9 and 480 intersection in order to protect wild growth at an abandoned gas station


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