Prosperity Projects

Foundation for Prosperity

Current pending projects that  advance prosperity in Jefferson County include: 

  • TeMa
  • Route 340 Four Lane Widening
  • Improvements to Burr Industrial Park infrastructure
  • Extension of sewer service to new portions of the county with low cost and no risk financing
  • Extension of water service to provide safe and reliable drinking water to a Jefferson County elementary school.  All with low cost and no risk financing. 
  • Providing a large neighborhood with a potential backup water service.  Without this backup the availability of water supply to the neighborhood is at risk. 
  • The $200 million Rockwool facility which will provide at least 150 good paying jobs. 
  • Several high-end subdivisions.
  • Additional school construction

Cracks in Foundation

There are out of state interests and money flooding into Jefferson County with the stated purpose of stopping prosperity projects.  These are not Jefferson County values.  Is stopping these projects the vision that Jefferson County wants?